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Superior Bleeding Control for Community Responders | Online Course
Course Description

This online course trains bystanders in the community how to administer care to others with confidence in a life-threatening situation, where a victim, or victims, may lose their life due to a serious injury that results in bleeding. Instruction will include use of commercial bleeding control tools as well as information on how to create improvised bandages and tourniquets from everyday items. Completion of this course will prepare you to provide life-saving measures while waiting for Emergency Service Providers to arrive on scene and improve victim survival by ensuring smooth transition of care.
Learning Objectives
  • Identify steps to maintain personal safety
  • Describe the best techniques for the management of hemorrhaging wounds
  • Understand wound compression and packing using hemostatic agents
  • Compare correct application of elastic bands, both for wound compression and as a tourniquet
  • Review correct application and when to use a windlass tourniquet
  • Examine how to create and apply improvised bandages
  • Summarize how community responders and emergency service providers should work together to treat bleeding victims
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